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Bor-Usa Aluminum was founded in 1997 with its own facility in Çerkezköy / Tekirdag.  Our company's first step in the industry was the production of ingot casting.

Bor Aluminum started to manufacture billet casting to get the needs of Turkey's demands after one year from ingot casting. Bor Aluminum, which has been running two production branches for several years, then turned to just billet production and became one of the serious billet producer companies in the country.

Bor Aluminum has started to export billets abroad and adding new ones to its customers in the country. Until 2008, Bor Aluminumfulfilled the production deficiencies of domestic profile facilities and made outsource casting. Our company, which casts aluminum billets with recycling products and imported ingots, has decided to establish a profile facility by making a new investment in 2008-2009. Bor Billet's investment, which started rapidly in building, infrastructure and machinery investments, was completed in 2010 and started to spoken about itself in profile production.

Our company started profile production with 1880 tons (7 inches) press line and horizontal powder coating facility. Initially, it has proven itself to the market by increasing its production quality and quantity by concentrating on standard boxes, swatter and windowsill profiles, door window profiles, shower cabin profiles, industry profiles and special mold production. Bor Billet increased the production tonnage by adding the second press of 1100 tons (5 inches) into production line.

Our company has started to work for a 9-inch press line investment to increase the press production capacity to 22000 tons.


Bor-Usa Aluminum facilities started preparations to become a fully integrated facility from raw material production to the finished profile. Anodizing facility, which started the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) permitting process in 2016 and lasted 2 years upon the completion of the project, started production in 2018 with a capacity of 1000 tons. Thus, the company has become an environmentally friendly integrated facility capable of collecting recycled aluminum scraps and converting them into finished products by making billet - profile - surface treatments and mechanical processes.

Today, Bor-Usa Aluminum is a company with 25000 Tons of billet casting and 12000 tons of profile production capacity, which started with ingot casting. 30% of its products are anodized, 40% are powder coated and 30% are produced as mill finish. Bor Aluminyum, with an export rate of 65%, is still looking for new investments and new markets.

Our company, which paints 11,5 m products in its paint shop, has become a solution partner for many companies with its painted products. Starting to produce alternative products to anodized products (satin finish), it strives to produce solutions for its customers. Bor Billet offers a variety of products in every sector by increasing the profile variety..

We currently have a company that exports profiles and billets to many countries in the world. Our company imports scrap with bullion and scrap import certificate from all over the world. It adds value-added tax to the products it brings and adds value to the country's economy.

With its 40.000 m² open area, 25.000 m² closed area, and over 200 employees, Bor-Usa Aluminum profiles have established its trade network all over the world from Mexico to Canada, from India to Germany, from USA to Nigeria. As an environmentalist, innovative and reliable company, it serves the aluminum industry.